About this blog

Left eye on Vancouver is a weblog dedicated to keeping close tabs on municipal politics from a critical perspective. In a city living through a real estate boom and a frenzy of Olympics boosterism, we’ll keep our attention focused on the needs of renters, the homeless and the poor. Left eye will attempt to act as a watchdog of pro-developer policies at the civic government: City Hall at 12th and Cambie should be one property in this city that can’t be bought and sold.

This blog is also taking part in a Vancouver election blog contest that we encourage our readers to check out and participate in.

2 responses to “About this blog

  1. thx for the link- i need to remember to link to you too.
    good stuff.

  2. The Vancouver election is very important this year in view of the corporate interest in the OLYMPICS. Good to have your blog to keep informed.

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