Eby Provided Vision Credibility

David Eby’s failed run for a Vision nomination was from the outset a quixotic crusade. Why would a person who works hard for the homeless and those with insecure housing run for a nomination with the party that received the lion’s share of the developer’s loot in the last election cycle? These are the people who, with the municipal government’s sanction, have built no affordable housing over the last 10 years (other than when forced to by council in order to qualify for development permits) and who have driven up property values in this town to the point where no middle income person can afford to move here.

Eby’s candidacy gave Vision something that ad agencies and backroom operatives cannot pull out of their bag of tricks: as an idealistic and passionate reformer, Eby provided Vision with spirit and the appearance of reformism.

On Frances Bula’s essential blog (francesbula.com) one of the defeated Vision nominees for Parks Board, journalist Hadani Ditmars, wrote the following as a ‘comment’:

“I ran for Park Board after receiving a phone call from Raymond Louie while I was in London this summer, writing about Vancouver and Vancouverism for the Guardian and the Globe, encouraging me to run. … (U)nbeknownst to me, the backroom boys had already cooked up a slate well in advance of my phone call from Raymond, I never heard from him again. I like many other candidates, was just part of a political strategy to boost Vision’s power in their negotiations with COPE, among other things.”

Like Ditmars, Eby’s run provides Vision with ‘credibility’ as they continue with their absurd attempt to present themselves as ‘reformers’.

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