Vision Vancouver blocks nomination of David Eby

Lots of interesting results from the big Vision Vancouver nomination meeting today. But the big story is that PIVOT housing activist David Eby finished ninth, 17 votes out of a council nomination. The loss was largely due to the fact that Kerry Jang, Geoff Meggs and Andrea Reimer organized a slate that did not include Eby.

Eby, who turned down an offer to run for COPE on the basis of “electability,” would seem to have grossly overestimated the willingness of Vision Vancouver to take on a candidate with a history of taking on the city’s slumlords and developers. More on the Vision Vancouver nomination coming soon, including a look at the inexplicable selection of Sharon “shotgun” Gregson for school board.


4 responses to “Vision Vancouver blocks nomination of David Eby

  1. Re: the blocking……

    While I would agree with the slating being an issue, I’m not entirely convinced that it was entirely to blame for Mr. Eby falling just short….don’t forget he finished 9th to Mr. Dhaliwal who, like Mr. Eby, appeared to have a pretty good ‘get out the vote thing going on, especially late in the day.

    Regardless, it was an impressive showing by true independent.


  2. When does a ‘hobby’ become an issue. In the current federal election we are seeing debates of stripping nude in the mayor’s office (Houston mayor and Conservative candidate) riding nude on a horse and stripping at an environmentalists conference (a liberal and a NDPer on the Island) and being filmed consuming illegal substances (two NDP candidates). I’m sure there are more out there. Some of these ‘hobbies’ have led to the candidate resigning, in one case to an apology, and two others no action.

    In terms of the school board issue it may well be that Bill Tieleman is right – that a person’s perspective on concealed weapons is not a public education matter.

  3. Charles, it is more than just an issue of a “hobby.” It is a policy position that Ms. Sharon used her elected position (on a school board no less) to promote. It is outrageous to have someone with Sarah Palin’s politics on firearms law sitting on a “centre-left” school board.

  4. Matias Salibian

    Still eagerly waiting for your views on the “inexplicable selection of Sharon “shotgun” Gregson for school board” and, may I add, her mind-boggling landslide won last weekend?

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