Vision – COPE “negotiations” continue

With nominations just over a month away, the ongoing saga between Vision Vancouver and COPE continues. Apparently, talks are taking place.

So far, Vision has said that it will leave spots open for COPE incumbents. On council, that means Coun. David Cadman.

But that won’t satisfy COPE, Ellen Woodsworth, a former city councillor again seeking a COPE nomination for council, said Friday.

“At this point, the decision is to not run a COPE mayoral candidate if we can reach an agreement with Vision,” Woodsworth said.

“But if we can’t reach an agreement, we would run a COPE mayoral candidate.”

In other words, the status quo for the past year and a half at least: COPE is trying to negotiate unity with Vision, Vision is ignoring COPE or offering them table scraps, and COPE is making half-hearted threats to run a mayor if Vision continues to bully them.

The hawks at Vision, and the pundits who love to demonize Tim Louis, would be wise to remember what happened as a result of the Treaty of Versailles after WWI. In case this analogy is unclear: If you can’t stand Tim Louis, then resist the primordial urge to destroy the left and make a respectable peace offer to COPE, otherwise you will find yourselves running against a COPE mayor supported by former councillor Louis.


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