Gregson shooting for re-election

Sharon Gregson, who made headlines in 2006 for her advocacy of concealed weapons and the elimination of gun control in Canada, is running to get a nomination for re-election to the Vancouver Board of Education.

The school trustee left COPE to join Vision Vancouver earlier this year. Vision Vancouver supporter and pundit Bill Tieleman endorses Gregson, but COPE may well consider this addition by subtraction; the NPA, for their part, must be hoping she gets the nomination so that the general electorate can decide whether having a gun nut in charge of our school children is a good plan for Vancouver.

One response to “Gregson shooting for re-election

  1. if the only problem were her “gun issues” and her bragging-about-throwing-live-grenades-in-Cambodia partner, I wouldn’t be *that* worried. But, as anyone who’s seen her in action at a VSB meeting can witness, her re-election would be much much more serious than that…

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