NPA Homecoming Queen: Melissa De Genova

Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight reports that after a brief “fling” with Vision Vancouver, Melissa De Genova has gone home to the NPA to seek a Park Board nomination. Could Al De Genova be far behind?

It’s true that De Genova’s family defected to Vision Vancouver in 2006 after Mayor Sullivan suspended the five-term park commissioner from the NPA caucus.

But De Genova is a real-estate agent, and Vision Vancouver is really the NDP farm team in Vancouver. There aren’t many real-estate agents who support the NDP.

Meanwhile, one of the city’s newest real estate agents, long-time COPE (and NDP) member Aaron Jasper, has made the leap to Vision Vancouver to pursue a nomination for Park Board. Many COPE members will likely be shocked at this “defection,” as Jasper was until very recently a most vociferous critic of Vision Vancouver. His campaign launch event was held at the recently re-opened Nelson Park in the West End.


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