Sustainable city? Let’s send a message in a (banned) bottle

In this election year, rhetoric about sustainability is blowing in the wind. But the answer, my friend, to the question of which west coast North American city is the most sustainable is far from clear.

It turns out that pretty much everybody in California is out in front of Vancouver on the issue of plastic bags. Following a similar move by San Francisco, Malibu and others, the City of Los Angeles will ban plastic bags by July 1, 2010.

Last year, Vision Vancouver councillor Tim Stevenson brought forward a similar proposal (but the now bagged Sam Sullivan and the NPA nixed it), and now Stevenson wants to put a kibosh on bottled water at all city facilities. Peter Ladner, one of two bicycling businessmen with a green reputation running for the mayor’s seat, may just have to support both of these initiatives if voters are to be expected to buy his greenwashing of the old NPA machine.

Let’s hope that Vancouver can catch up to California, and start fazing out this waste.

If these issues fire up your carbon-reducing engine, check out the Council of Canadians, which is publicizing worldwide efforts to ban bottled water, which is probably up there in the top 10 most planet-destroying industries in the world.

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